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PolyMart: Where Expertise Meets Dedication.

PolyMart, an Ahmedabad-based fastest-growing online polymer distribution channel, aims to modernize polymer procurement and distribution in India. The company targets MSMEs in the polymer industry facing challenges in material procurement and inventory management. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence, PolyMart offers customized polymer products and solutions backed by a team of industry experts committed to delivering exceptional customer service.


Download the PolyMart App to keep up with the latest polymer price trends for PP Raffia, PP F&F, PVC, HD Blow, HD Moulding, HD Pipe, PE 100, LLDPE Metallocene, LDPE Lamination, LL Film Slip, and PET.

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Register with your name, WhatsApp number and GST certificate then log in with your mobile number and OTP to access the app.

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PolyMart's apps simplify the buying and selling experience with easy browsing, live pricing, and effortless transactions


We provides an informative graph comparing polymer, crude oil, and currency prices, along with curated news articles


Polymart makes tracking orders easy with estimated delivery times and repeat purchase options. Help section offers YouTube videos and categorized feedback options.


Reliable, Efficient Service with a noble cause. Join us in building a better future by recommending our app.

Why Choose Us


PolyMart places customer satisfaction at the forefront of our priorities. Our committed team is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service, focusing on understanding and meeting your individual needs to ensure a positive and personalized Experience.


PolyMart epitomizes transparency in polymer distribution, ensuring openness in every buying and selling step. Our use of advanced technologies makes us the top choice for customers valuing transparency, professionalism, and modern polymer procurement


Environmental sustainability and positive social impact are the primary focus areas for PolyMart. We are committed to creating a greener, hunger-free India. To achieve this, for every ton sold, we provide a meal, and for every order received, we plant a tree.


PolyMart makes purchasing polymers the most convenient. With just a click, access competitive pricing, timely deliveries, and advanced technology, ensuring cost-effective deals and a seamless procurement experience.

PolyMart Empowering India

The PolyMart app is available on both the App Store and Google Play. It offers a one-stop solution for polymer buyers and sellers, providing a convenient and efficient platform for all your polymer needs.

At PolyMart, we are more than a platform to buy and sell polymers online but also emphasize environmentally sustainable growth and positive social impact. For every ton of orders, we provide a meal to a needy person and plant a tree for each order. Let’s work together towards a sustainable future with PolyMart’s initiatives; Join Us in building a greener & hunger-free India.

PolyMart: Source, Sell, Simplify.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PolyMart?

PolyMart is a technology-driven polymer distribution platform based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, founded by Chemical Engineer Hemant Patel. Using cutting-edge technology and leveraging industry expertise, PolyMart streamlines and modernizes the procurement process for polymer raw materials, catering to the needs of Indian polymer processors while emphasizing transparency, efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

Is there a specific mobile app for polymer buyers and sellers?

Yes, PolyMart offers separate Buyer and Seller apps, available on both Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. If you're a polymer processor seeking to buy, download the PolyMart Buyer App; if you're an importer or trader, opt for the Seller App. Additionally, the Buyer App facilitates selling excess inventory, while the Seller App allows for polymer purchases.

How can I complete the registration process for your platform, and are there any registration fees involved?

To sign up on our platform, follow these steps, and rest assured, there are no registration fees:
• Click on the "REGISTER NOW" link.
• Download the PolyMart App from either the Play Store or the App Store.
• Email us at
• Send a quick "Hi" through WhatsApp to +9163571 11121.

How can I buy polymer from PolyMart?

You can buy polymer from PolyMart through the mobile app or via WhatsApp messages. The PolyMart mobile app homepage displays your required grades, sorted by the lowest price, with doorstep delivery. Each grade is accompanied by its price, transit time, MFI details, and a Technical Data Sheet. To place an order, simply click the inquiry button, fill in the desired quantity, and click send. You'll receive two daily WhatsApp messages from PolyMart containing the grade name, price, transit time, and MFI details. Click the provided link, enter your grade name and desired quantity. PolyMart will receive your inquiry, and our team will deliver your requested material to your doorstep.

How can I sell polymer from PolyMart?

To sell materials, you need to submit an offer through the PolyMart Seller App or send a message via WhatsApp to our registered number. Using the PolyMart Seller App, navigate to the home page, choose your preferred warehouse, and provide details for the available grades, including prices, quantities, and validity periods. After entering the information, click the submit button. PolyMart will receive your offer, and upon the generation of an order, we will purchase the materials from your warehouse with advance payment.

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